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"...beautifully original and well-rounded"

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"Ms. Burris' additions are well-drawn and intriguing."

Skylar Hamilton Burris
Books & Other Writings

Skylar writes novels, short stories, poetry, essays, articles, area guides, and book reviews. Narrow your search using the list below, and don't forget to "like" Skylar on Facebook to be kept informed of new publications and to enjoy insightful quotes from famous authors and poets.

book.gif (2342 bytes) Regency Romance (novels)

book.gif (2342 bytes) Original Poetry (sample the full-text of several poems or purchase the poet's collection)

book.gif (2342 bytes) Original Literary Criticism (an introduction to literary criticism and a variety of critical essays on great English literature)

book.gif (2342 bytes) Original Articles (dozens of articles on a wide variety of topics ranging from treating eczema to saving money)

book.gif (2342 bytes) Book Reviews (some short, some long, but all opinionated)

book.gif (2342 bytes) The D.C. Area-Guide to Surviving Summer with Kids (100+ inexpensive family-friendly day trips and attractions)

book.gif (2342 bytes) Christian Literary Criticism from Milton to Melville
(a collection of eight essays )

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"...deep and thought-provoking"

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Ancient Paths

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