"When I find myself reading a book at ten o'clock at night, glancing at the clock and thinking, 'one more chapter,' then I am enjoying the book." - David Burnett, The Kindle Book Review

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"Molly Taggart tackles issues such as traditional values in marriage, unconditional love, people's need for friendship, and the development of self, and she does it with a lot of humor and style." - Tina Stanciu, Readers' Favorite


Roots that Clutch


Jeb Anderson is entranced by his brother's lively sister-in-law, but he canít act on that. His ex-wife wants him back, and they have children. Life isnít like the simple country love songs he writes to turn a quick buck. Itís thorny and itís tangled, like family roots, like the poetry that haunts his soul.


Jeb recently managed to reconcile with his estranged brother over their fatherís coffin, so maybe he can rebuild a marriage with his cheating ex. Or maybe heís making the worst mistake of his life.


Roots that Clutch is a contemporary tale of family, reconciliation, and the obstacles we must overcome on the path to mature love. Available in paperback and Kindle eBook editions.


(Categories: contemporary romance; literary fiction; literary romance; family life fiction; marriage and divorce; sensitive heroes)

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Off Target


Sophie Mitchell may be the top marksman on her high school rifle team, but she has bad aim when it comes to boys. Her best friend Cory tells her that she doesnít have to date, but how else is she supposed to fit in? Even her own mother thinks sheís eccentric.What teenage girl isnít interested in romance?


So Sophie resolves to date even while she remains bullet-proofed from love. As Cory observes her amorous adventures from downrange, he worries that, these days, Cupid might be making armor-piercing bullets.


(Categories: contemporary romance; young adult romance; coming-of-age fiction; romantic comedy; family life; sensitive heroes; strong heroines)


The Caterer's Husband


High school soccer coach Aaron Mitchell has grown comfortable with his role in his largely traditional marriage. So when his wife takes over a successful catering business and begins to talk of a return to college, he fears being left behind. After all, she's his only true friend. Maybe he needs a buddy of his own, a bromance to bring the romance back to his own marriage.


This romantic novella is a light and tender story of married love, male friendship, and comic misunderstandings.


(Categories: contemporary romance; family life fiction; male friendship; romantic comedy)


Incomplete Pass


Six years ago, Tracy Tannerís father left home and never came back. Last year, she almost dropped out of high school. This year, her boyfriendís cheating on her. Sheís nothing like her neighbor Sean Wilson, the all-American, straight-A student who always has a game plan. Sean knows heíll be marrying his high school sweetheart and heading to college on a football scholarship this summer. Thatís why Tracyís puzzled when, late one night, she finds him slamming a crowbar against the wooden fence that separates their two homes. That fence wonít be the last wall Sean tears down between them.

(Categories: contemporary romance; young adult romance; college romance; new adult romance; sports romance; family life fiction)


Escaping Venice


Vanessa Grayson longs to escape her unambitious past in her small hometown of Venice, Texas. Fresh out of college, she's aspiring to launch a career in politics. To concentrate on her goals, Vanessa has sworn off men, but Nick Andrews is going to test her resolve.


The attractive young financial consultant behaves like a self-assured man, and yet his vulnerability runs as deep as Vanessa's own. When Vanessa finds herself sucked back into Venice, she retreats into her armor of cynicism. She can't imagine anything more dangerous than allowing Nick to chain her heart.


(Categories: contemporary romance; new adult romance)


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