Study War No More
                                                            Isaiah 2:4
by Paul David Adkins

I toured Iraq.
I can’t watch  

   a war movie now,
   see fear    

Of all His promises

   this one
   I clench so tight  

I sweat on it.
In my fist

   it nestles --
   a tiny, shiny jewel

which validates my work,
swears it will end.

Paul David Adkins's pieces have appeared in a variety of publications, including Chattahoochee Review, Caveat Lector, Rock & Sling, and Crab Creek Review. Paul writes poetry, he says, “partly to record my experiences, and partly to see how finely I can tune language to say exactly what I want in the fewest words possible.” He has four children and will soon begin enjoying retirement. Read Paul's other nine poems by ordering a copy of Ancient Paths Issue 16. 

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