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Ancient Paths: Christian Trivia
Bible, History, and Christian Literature

Current Contest Rules

If you score at least 90% on any one of the following quizzes, print out your score page only and mail it to Ancient Paths, PO Box 7505, Fairfax Station, VA 22039, along with your mailing address. You will then be mailed a free copy of Ancient Paths.  (You will receive either Issue 14  or 15, depending on availability.) Quizzes have been written by the editor and contributed to the FunTrivia website. Quizzes will open in a separate window. Close the window to return to this site.

Quizzes on the Old Testament:

Single Female Seeks (Women of Genesis)
The Creation and Fall
Cain and Abel
The Tower of Babel
The Law
Kings of Israel
Kings of Judah
Least Discussed Bible Stories

Women of the Old Testament
Single Male Seeks
(Men of the Old Testament)
Old Testament Chronology Quiz
Messianic Prophecies

Quizzes on the New Testament:

Four Gospels
The Commandments According to Christ

Paul: Conflicts and Confrontations

Mixed Bible Trivia:

Christ's Genealogy
The Biblical Hell
Wine in the Word
Christmas According to the Bible

Quizzes on Christian History:

Faiths of Our Founding Fathers
See if you can identify each founding father from the religious clues given.

Preachers & Sermons
Identify speakers from quotes or biographical clues

Formation of the Old Testament Canons and the New Testament Canon
Take these two quizzes to see how much you know about the formation of the Bible itself. 

English Bible Translations
NIV, NRSV, KJV--can you tell them apart?

Documentary Hypothesis
I'm not a huge fan of this way of interpreting authorship of the Old Testament, but it behooves one to be familiar with it.

Origins of Christmas Traditions
Pagan and Christian backgrounds

Quizzes on Judeo-Christian Literature:

Name That C.S. Lewis Book
Covering fiction and non-fiction by one of the greatest Christian authors of the 20th century.

Religious Fiction Through the Ages
A survey of religious literature from the Old English period to the present day.

The Bible As Literature
Explore the literary make-up of the Bible, including questions about genre, imagery, and more.

Deutercannonical Books / Apocrypha
The above quiz surveys the intertestamental Jewish literature known to Protestants as the Apocrypha. Or try a quiz on one of two individual books:

                The Book of Judith
                The Book of Tobit

Biblical Allusions in Dylan's Lyrics
A look at the writings of 20th century poet and songwriter Bob Dylan, placed within their Biblical context

Talmud or Gospels?
Can you identify whether these quotes come from the Talmud or the Gospels?

Quizzes on Christian Theology

What is a sacrament? Which denominations have them? Take this quiz and learn.

Christian Denominations
So what do all those people calling themselves Christians actually believe?

Christian Heresies
A look at Gnosticism, Arianism, Docetism, and more.

This quiz surveys various baptismal practices, without endorsing any one doctrine.   It is not a quiz about theological correctness, but an informational quiz about practice.

New Testament Doctrine
This quiz surveys divergent interpretations of the New Testament. It is not a quiz about theological correctness, but an informational quiz about differing beliefs.

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