Special Discount to Contest Entrants!

I am offering a $3 off (plus free shipping) coupon on Ancient Paths Issue 16 to all contest entrants! If you are interested in receiving a copy of Issue 16, you can order using the coupon below. If you already have a copy, you can have one mailed directly to a friend or family member for no extra charge. Remember, if you win the contest, you'll receive THREE free copies of Ancient Paths Issue 15 and publication on the website. But here's your chance to save on Issue 16. Purchase is not required to enter the contest. This is just an extra bonus offered especially to entrants. 

apcover.jpg (6837 bytes)Issue 16 (2010). CURRENT ISSUE. Order today and get FREE shipping and handling! $9.99 + s&h $7.99
free shipping!


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