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Lost Fanfiction

Lost Fanfiction (Sayid, Nadia, Shannon, Jun, Libby, Ana, Claire, Sawyer, Locke, Eko, Jun, Shayid, Conmama)
I often write fanfiction in order to get the creative juices running and hone my writing skills. These stories, inspired by the television show Lost,  may be found on another website. Please leave comments! For Pride and Prejudice fanfiction, click here.  
Flashbacks/Pre-island Tales
Solitary (Retold)
How did the relationship between Sayid and Nadia develop while he was her interrogator? This story retells "Solitary" from Nadia's point of view, with added and expanded scenes.
What happened after Sayid helped Nadia to escape? Did the Republican Guard believe his story? This piece of fanficiton narrates one possibility from Sayid's point of view.
The Necktie
Sayid purchases a necktie in the airport after asking a beautiful woman to watch his luggage. Expansion of a deleted scene from Season One.
The Question
While bound by Ana-Lucia, Sayid is forced to recall a painful memory from his past.
Post-Island Tales
After the survivors are rescued, Sayid arrives in L.A. to find Nadia waiting for him at the airport. But what will their encounter be like after the passage of more than seven years?
Drinking Buddies
When the survivors are rescued, Locke, Sawyer, Jack, and Sayid have trouble adjusting to life outside the island, but Sayid finds solace in a friendship with Nadia.
After the survivors are rescued, Sayid returns to the island and visits Shannon's grave one last time.
In this largely post-island drama, Sayid completes his search for Nadia and Sawyer develops an unexpected relationship with Claire. 
End of Lost Tales (How It Might All Wrap Up)
The Treaty
Danielle brings Sayid a treaty.
And So It Goes
This piece features an ensemble cast as life presses on. 
On the Island (Elaboration of Existing Scenes)
Sayid must admit his failure to Sun and Jin.  Season 3.
An Illusion of Peace
After apologizing to Sayid, Ana suffers from a restless spirit. Season 2.
On the Island: Alternate Universe Tales
Holiday Happenings
After a truce with the Others, the survivors settle on the island and celebrate the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Ensemble fluff with Sayid/Claire and Sawyer/Kate.  Also features Hurley, Eko, Locke, Jin, and others.
Despair and Hope
After Shannon's death, Sayid wrestles with an overwhelming sense of guilt for his past sins and finds a kind of peace.  Then, when a propeller jet crashes on the island, Sayid's past returns to haunt and tempt him. Also features: Sun, Rose, Jin, Shannon, Nadia, Sawyer, Claire, Ana, and two new characters.
Raising an Army
The survivors attempt to piece together the mystery of the island and raise an army to confront Dharma. Features Sayid, Ana, Charlie, Sawyer, Jack, Locke, and Eko. Partially parallels Season 2 episodes and fills in missing scenes, partially AU.
Sun struggles to master her emotions.
Playing Games
In this lighter look at life on the island, the survivors engage in a series of games, including golf, soccer, and Capture the Flag. (Features Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Libby, Locke, and other survivors.)
Lost Trivia
Take a look also at the two trivia quizzes I have contributed to Funtrivia.
Sayid (a ten question look at the character)
Sayid and Nadia (a twenty question survey of the relationship between these two characters)
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