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The 2011 D.C.-Area Guide to Surviving Summer with Kids: Over 100 Inexpensive, Family-Friendly Daytrips, Attractions, and Festivals

For children, summer is that beautiful time of year, when, in the words of William Carlos Williams, “the song sings itself” and, as Sam Keen puts it, “laziness finds respectability.”  Yet for moms and dads, those open-ended days with boisterous children can sometimes seem difficult to fill, and parents wish to create lasting memories of special family vacations for their children.

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to see and do new, fun, and exciting things. Right here in the D.C. metro area (in Virginia, Maryland, and the capital itself), there are plenty of day trip destinations and attractions that will cost you only a fistful of dollars - or sometimes nothing at all.

This guide is intended for the family on a budget, for the parents who want to ensure their kids have fun without spending the college fund. The information is accurate as of April 2011, but websites are provided for nearly every attraction and destination, so you can double-check prices and hours before starting your journey.

The guide will likely be updated and published in a new edition in spring of 2013. So let me know if I missed one of your favorite attractions!

Get the guide now as an inexpensive ebook. It is available only in Kindle edition, but if you don't own a Kindle, you can still read the book on your computer. Just download the free Kindle app for your desktop.

You might also be interested in reading some of my articles on family activities in the Northern Virginia area. The information in these articles, and much more, is contained in the D.C.-area Guide to Surviving Summer with Children.

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