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Skylar offers affordable editing and writing services to businesses and individual authors. She is the editor and publisher of Ancient Paths Literary Magazine and the author of numerous books and articles.


When the Heart Is Laid Bare


Coach Calder Johnson's wife has, according to the hospital social worker, expired. Expired. Like a credit card. Not like a human being. Calder hasn't had a true friend, other than his wife, in twenty-four years. So if he's going to heal, he'll have to learn to let someone inside. Unfortunately, Calder's catalog of potential friends swells with unlikely candidates. There's Jacoby Reynolds, the blunt Anglican priest who watched his wife die, and Lynn McIntire, the beautiful but strangely efficient single mother next door. Then there's Justin Robinson, an embittered teen Calder wants to recruit for his high school football team. Enter also Connie Myers, the new Calvert High principal, an attractive yet hard-edged woman who's determined to shake up the status quo. Only when Coach Johnson's heart is finally laid bare will he learn that you can find friendship - and love - in the most unexpected places.



convcition3.jpg (15202 bytes)Conviction: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice


This satirical, original sequel to Pride and Prejudice reveals the romantic destiny of Georgiana Darcy, but the story does not merely rest on the laurels of Austen. The reader will discover an entirely new cast of characters,  including a wistful vicar who could, according to one critic, "give Mr. Darcy a serious run for his money in the romantic lead department."  Meet also an ambitious soldier, a flirtatious abolitionist, and an ordinary curate.The fates of these characters intertwine as they struggles to confront issues of loyalty, courage, faith, and love.


Austenesque Reviews calls Conviction "a beautifully original and well-rounded sequel." Sara Mills of the Christian Fiction Review Newsletter declares, "This is a must read for any Jane Austen fan." POD-DY Mouth wrote that the "book is wonderful and--Pride and Prejudice aside--can stand alone as an excellent novel in and of itself. The characters are rich (and believable for the Regency period); the plot is delightful, and you'll find Georgiana Darcy to be a moving heroine. Even if you haven't read P&P, you can still enjoy (and love) Conviction."


Available in paperback and ebook editions at Amazon and most online retailers of books.Conviction makes great book club or classroom reading.  Teachers and students can obtain a variety of FREE study materials, including an S.A.T.-style critical reading quiz.


unlikelycover.jpg (31286 bytes)An Unlikely Missionary

When the practical Charlotte Collins is unexpectedly sent on a missionary journey to India, she must examine her values and find her place within a world of dark intrigue and enviable comradery.Join Mrs. Collins as she traverses a path beset with comedy, mystery, tragedy, and joy.

Long and Short Romance Reviews describes the novel as "deep and thought-provoking" and notes that "the beauty and savagery of the setting and time period are artfully intertwined into the plot." Available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon and other online retailers of books.

The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh

When Mr. Collins leaves his living at Rosings for a higher (or at least more lucrative) calling, a lascivious new rector takes his place. Mr. Darcy fears this handsome man of the cloth may have designs on his sickly cousin Anne, and he races to rescue her from a fate worse than death: marriage. In addition to the title novelette, this collection also includes four Pride and Prejudice inspired short stories that offer playful glimpses into the future life of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.


"As always," writes Austenesque Reviews, "Ms. Burris's representation of Austen's characters is flawless and her new additions are well-drawn and intriguing. I greatly enjoyed the twist at the end of this story. It caught me completely off-guard."Available in paperback and ebook editions.


Original Literary Criticism
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A Greater Sound by Far

Sonnets, ballads, couplets, ottava rima, haiku, and unbound free verse . . . youíll find it all in this diverse collection of poetry from the pen of Skylar Hamilton Burris. If you have ever wrestled with faith, felt the ache or joy of love, or witnessed the death of someone close to you, these poems will offer you a chance for reflection, inspiration, and solace.

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